Ojai Pixie Infusion.

Recipe: Ojai Pixie Infusion

This recipe gets to the heart of the season and can be replicated throughout the year using fresh herbs from your farmers. The Ojai valley grows Pixie tangerines, which are both beautiful to look at and great to eat whole, or in this case, infused to a drink with herbs. They can be found at farmers markets throughout the Central and Southern California area, so if you see them make sure to pick some up.

Recipe: Here I used peels from Ojai Pixies and meyers along with rosemary, and lavender. Raw agave nectar was used as the sweetener. Bring water to a boil, add the citrus peels, rosemary, lavender and agave. Let sit for 12mns. Remove lavender. Allow to steep for another 48mns. Strain. Reserve & serve over ice.

A splash of bourbon would be nice here.

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This herbal infusion is soothing warm, and it begs for a splash of bourbon when poured over ice. No better way to enjoy the season.

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